What sets us apart?

We take nutrition at Lucky Beans very seriously because developing young minds need the right fuel in order to grow. We stick to whole foods, opting for healthy and nutritious fruits and veggies in order to encourage healthy habits from a young age. The habits children form now often frame their adult choices and therefore gently introducing wholesome options is a fantastic way to assure a healthy appetite for the right foods. 

Our chefs hand prepare every meal and our babies love a wide array of dishes from Thai green curry to Shepherds pie. Does your child have any dietary requirements? No problem! We can adapt our weekly menu to suit their individual needs or preferences.  And how do I manage all this? With my little helpers of course! You can involve young children in cooking  in many different ways by letting them help you mix things, measure out ingredients, add herbs and spices and ice cakes, to name but a few. My first concern is obviously safety so I would never allow children near knives or hot pots and pans.


A lot of nutritious and mostly organic food from proper ingredients – no Turkey Twizzlers here! I will work with you on any intolerances your child has, along with healthy snacks like fresh fruit this is the best way to keep your child happy and eager to learn and explore, as well as teaching them healthy eating habits for later in life. 


Children with any dietary restrictions have meals prepared according to their needs. I am also very aware of allergies and I take great care to work around any allergies that your child has. If it would make you feel more comfortable you are of course also welcome to bring your own food for your child when you drop them off in the morning. 


All our chefs and relevant staff are trained in food hygiene holding a Level 2 Certificate.


Also if your child is weaning, don’t worry! We have weaned many children successfully and can work with you on this. 

Our Pillars of Nutrition

Eat to Explore

Healthy Foundation

Organic Ethos