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The foods we choose
make a difference

Healthy, Organic, Homemade

Our in-house chefs prepare fresh, delicious and organic meals and snacks throughout the day. At Lucky Beans we have seen the impact that good nutrition can have on child development. 

We lead by example, preparing delicious and healthy meals that will fuel your little one's mind and body. Of course we believe in balance, too! We also include a few yummy treats in our menu, because some foods are good for the soul. 

Our Pillars of Nutrition

Eat to Explore

Healthy Foundation

Organic Ethos

Good Mood


We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snacks in the morning & afternoon.

You can have a look at our sample menu below! We rotate the menu twice a year to ensure we are always using seasonal ingredients (they have better nutritional value, and taste better too!) 

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