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About our preschool nursery in Streatham

Childminders Streatham

Growing Beans is a child care nursery and preschool with a difference. 


Taking children aged 0 months - 5 years and combining the best of traditional nursery learning in a fantastic space in Streatham with new learning and developmental techniques based on Forest School principles. 

Growing Beans is a child nursery in Streatham. Here's our Ofsted Number: EY561211

We have a childcare philosophy that incorporates the full EYFS curriculum but which is about much more than box ticking – it’s about being outdoors, playing sport and creating a home from home that makes children feel happy and safe. 


Our fully trained staff, look after babies and children from 7:30am-6:30pm Monday-Friday, minimum 10 hours a day (we are flexible about these timings) – our intake is small so there are always plenty of us to go round.


We're happy to discuss our daycare nursery in Streatham fees once you're ready. Childcare vouchers and government funding are welcome. We also welcome children with special needs. 

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The Forest School movement is growing rapidly and emphasises learning and development through play and activities in the natural world, by channelling children's natural enthusiasm for space and plants and animals.  Children in forest schools still follow the EYFS Development Matters guidance as to how they should be developing. In practice the learning is about allowing children as much freedom as possible without putting themselves in danger, so that their curiosity leads them into learning and developing friendships with guidance from the educators, not instruction.


Some practical examples of how a Forest School education works include the ability to learn about the different seasons by being out in them, classifying things by size by finding parent and child insects, combining music and materials by helping children fashion simple instruments to hit or blow into out of different types of wood and comparing them, and teaching mathematics without seeming to by getting the children to work out how many more sticks are needed for the fire or how long a log needs to be to make a good see-saw. 


Forest School isn’t just for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Babies with us are fully involved in the outdoor learning and development and have their own special baby forest school carers to help them get the most from their natural curiosity in nature.


At Growing Beans we fully embrace the Forest School movement, but not completely at the expense of other ways of learning, so we strike a balance and make the most of a variety of opportunities for learning and development. This means we also spend some time at our base, doing music, reading stories, singing, dancing, arts and crafts and so much more. We look forward to welcoming you to our happy family.

What makes a Forest School ethos?

How is it magical for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers?

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Ages: Little to Bigger Beans

Pinto Beans

0 to 18/24 months 

For our littlest beans we offer the premium home away from home experience. Each and every child is offered personalised individualised care depending on their specific needs. We understand that these formative months require extra care and attention and therefore strive to provide an environment that our young learners feel loved, nurtured and encouraged. 

Broad Beans

24 to 36 months

As our beans grow we introduce new activities, challenges and themes promoting personal growth and self-confidence. We provide a stimulating environment with hands on sensory experiences including gardening, dress up, nature outing and more. We offer a supportive environment in which children  bond with each other and our child-minders creating a familiar family. 

Runner Beans

36 months plus

Our biggest runner beans prepare for life beyond nursery. We aim to challenge and inspire through homework activities, introduction to languages and maths. We assess the specific development of each child and provide an enriching learning experiences continge-nt upon their individual interests. We encourage leadership, self-confidence and friendship making so that each child goes to school confident and self assured. 


  •  ✓Circle Time – we use singing and finger rhymes to develop children’s vocabulary

  • ✓Free Play – with nudging and encouragement, this allows the children to explore their own interests and instincts

  • ✓Messy Play – working with water, cornflower etc. to discover textures and shapes 

  • ✓Story Time – by following along with the pictures they begin to grasp the fun of written words

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A Typical Baby Day... 

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Our babies have so much fun! We know that babies and toddlers have different needs, so we always ensure everything is tailored specifically to your child’s needs. 

Care at Growing Beans is holistic so we also spend lots of time reading stories, playing music and singing songs with our babies. There are lots more planned activities and games on offer. For example, Spanish and a singing and action class run by adventure box. We follow different themes each month and do a wide range of arts and grafts, sports, outdoor games and more. 

Toddler Time!

We know that babies and toddlers have different needs, so we always ensure everything is tailored specifically to your child’s needs. As part of our Forest School ethos, outdoor learning is a huge part of our our learning and development and we get the children out every day for a nature walk to Tooting Bec common where we will do some child led activities, athletic tracks for sports running, ball games or other physical activities and visiting the Library. 

Care at Growing Beans is holistic so we also spend lots of time reading stories, playing music and singing songs with our babies. There are lots more planned activities and games on offer, we follow different themes each month and do a wide range of arts and grafts, sports such as tennis, outdoor games and so much more.

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A Typical Baby Day...


Breakfast & nappy changing


Singing songs & reading stories


Nappy change


Morning snack time


Outdoor Time 

11:15 - 11:30

Nappy change




Nap time


Wake up & Nappy change


Spanish, messy play & one-on-one activities


Free play & nappy change 


Tea time


Outdoor time


Free play & kitchen play (baking etc.)


Snack time & nappy change


Free play & home time

What our Toddlers get up to...


Tennis (Mon), Ballet (Tues), Library (Weds), Spanish (Frid)


Tea time


Free play 


Activity & Outdoor activity


Snack time


Free play & home time


Breakfast & free play


Circle time, group time, self-registration & morning snack


Outdoor time & activity




Reading time, phonics, show & tell


Free play (arts & crafts, puzzles, sand, construction, water, sensory play & messy play)

Meet The Site Managers


Tinesha Atkins
Nursery Manager

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Deputy Manager