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The Lucky Beans Curriculum

What do we learn?

We aim to inspire a life-long love of learning in each and every child. Central to our methodology is our forest school ethos. Each of our Lucky Beans locations are nurturing and non-judgemental safe spaces that mimic a home away from home, a setting that gently encourages growth rather than forcing it.

Our primary aim is to help our children become healthy, creative and resilient little learners in preparation for life beyond Lucky Beans. 

Free to be Me! 

We encourage each of our children to develop into the best version of themselves! Child-led learning means we listen to their individual needs, and they don't need to fit in any box.

How we Teach

As a positive psychologist, Dr. Caroline Curtis also places a lot of emphasis on children personal and emotional development. Her philosophy of education is at the heart of the Lucky Beans curriculum. Her teaching methods enable children to thrive, develop life-skills and most importantly be happy! 

care for
your child 

We create a learning experience that is bespoke for each of our children, designed in our state of the art Bespoke Learning Centre

We Learn & Grow with Daily Activities 

We believe in a hands-on experience when it comes to education, as well as developing important life-skills that will develop an important foundation for your child. Some of our extra activities like dance, tennis, music and Spanish are coordinated by our educational specialists. 


We get the children involved in art and many forms of different sensory play each and every day! We love to make sensory tuff trays with loads of different themes. We also do lots of different art projects that correlate with our monthly theme within the nursery. It's so much fun!

The Learning Centre

Bespoke care

Bespoke care

Fuelling creativity

Fuelling creativity

Child-led Learning

Child-led Learning

The Lucky Beans Bespoke Learning Centre is a team of highly-skilled educators that design a bespoke curriculum for each of our settings, understanding each child as an individual and assigning activities that fit their unique way of learning. 

Our team at the learning centre also take time to create innovative activities each month, so that our educators are free to focus on the children. 

You can rest assured at Lucky Beans that your child has a team of educators that care about their individual development. There's no one-size-fits-all approach here.


A Day in the Life

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