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Dr. Caroline Curtis founded the Lucky Beans family in September in 2016 when she started her childminding business from her house. Since then Lucky Beans Childcare have had nothing but happy parents and a record of helping children develop operating a forest school ethos within our settings. This means we focus more on learning outdoors and developing children’s curiosity. As a positive psychologist, Dr. Caroline Curtis also places a lot of emphasis on children personal and emotional development.


From the outset, Caroline certainly had a clear vision of providing excellent care, positive parenting and strengths-based methods for nurturing children and enabling them to thrive, gain life-skills and be happy. 

Due to the success over the past 5 years and the growing demand from parents for places at Little Beans Balham, I was able to grow the business. I now have four additional nurseries:

Little Beans Tooting a boutique nursery, similar to the childminding setting in Balham offering childcare in Tooting. This was opened in January 2019 and caters for children from the age of 0 to 2 years.

Growing Beans Streatham is a nursery and preschool, which was opened in September 2018 and caters for children from the age of 0 to 5 years.

Growing Beans Norbury is also a nursery and preschool which caters for children from 0 to 5 years.

Growing Beans Tooting on Mitcham Road is a nursery and preschool which also caters for children from 0 to 5 years.

I am leaving my parents spoilt for choices with two more nurseries in Norbury and Balham, which will be ready in 2021. Each of my settings have dedicated, hard-working staff who are all passionate about creating a home away from home, all our children are thriving and excelling, but most importantly they are all loved and treasured by myself and my team.


Lucky Beans' Childminding in South London

The forest school ethos of active child-led learning informs everything we do. A forest school offers a unique learning opportunity as children develop self-esteem and confidence through experiencing the outdoors. 


Lucky Beans will also provide your child with the necessary skills to pursue sport at school level. With a wide range of strengths based activities offered regularly, including ballet, tennis, dance etc. young minds have the opportunity to explore the joys of both team and individual sport in preparation for life beyond nursery. 

We aim to enrich your child inside and out. With weekly menus provided, all children are fed organic and nutritious meals up throughout the day. Visit our blog to see some of the delicious and nutritious meals we provide. 


Lucky Beans is an Ofsted Childminder that offers a unique, boutique and deeply personal answer to childcare. We are more than a nursery, we are a family. We aim to help your child flourish in all areas and understand the importance of developing young minds. 


Core Values

Nutritious food

We offer healthy nutrition and menus for each child. All of our food is partially organic and made by our on-site chefs. Food for children and babies certainly doesn't need to be boring! Our beans love our food, and a well fed child is a happy child. Deeply rooted within our ethos is the idea that development of the mind and body requires the best quality care, inside and out.

Outdoor learning

The forest school ethos of active outdoor child-led learning is integral to our outdoor curriculum. Each day, we arrange several fun outings in order to expand the learning process beyond the classroom. The forest school experience offers a unique learning opportunity as children develop self-esteem and confidence through the experience of the outdoors.

Strength-based support

As a psychologist Caroline believes deeply in a strength based approached to learning, giving children a love of learning and the confidence to pursue what interests them. We involve children in a wide array of healthy and active activities from ballet to basketball. It is a wonderful way for children to bond through a common activity and develop important life skills whilst staying healthy and active.


Our Vision & Mission for all our beans 

Our Lucky Beans family vision is of happy, curious, nurtured and well-rounded children who gain valuable life-skills and education. Learning in a positive strengths-focused environment, who make the transition to school easily and who go on to make a positive contribution to society

To promote happiness, learning and life-skills in the very highest quality childcare settings led by exceptional staff and with a focus on learning from nature.


Our strengths-based approach allows us to identify what works for each child. This positive method, grounded in educational psychology, helps ensure tailored care and happy children.

What our parents say...


Every day my wife and I see the lovely pictures that we receive of her activities and I must say that you and all your staff have been doing a wonderful job with the children. Really first class.


We have seen our grand daughter developing since she has been with you. She can write her name  and count to a hundred and so much more.  I can assure you, that all those years ago I could do neither at the age of 4.   Of course, it is a different world today and things have moved on.


Even so, your achievements with her are tremendous and we both feel that she is so well prepared to set foot into her first year at primary school.  It is a big advantage for her to be ahead!

Grandfather of one of our first Lucky Beans graduates.

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