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Open Days at Lucky Beans Childcare - Come and have a nosey

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Ready to find a nursery for your little one to have fun, learn, and make friends?

If you live or work in or near Tooting or Norbury, and the time's arrived to find your child's next home away from home, then you'll want to see your local, five star rated child nursery, Lucky Beans Childcare.

So far, we have had Open Days at Growing Beans Norbury, and now we're letting you come and take a closer look at our Little Beans Tooting.

Our Open Day

A date for your diary: Saturday 14th October at 10:30 - 13:00.

Let your little one meet their future buddies and explore the secret garden, whilst you learn about our forest school ethos with a refreshing cuppa ☕

For more information about the open day, send us a message 📩 or give us a ring on 020 3875 7752 📞

See you there!

Why do parents use a child nursery?

There are so many reasons why parents choose to place their children in childcare settings.

Possibly the main reason for parents sending their children to a childcare setting is because of work commitments. After maternity and paternity leave has ended, parents are more than likely needing/wanting to return to work - a childcare setting can help with this.

Different from school hours, childcare settings are normally open much earlier in the morning and later in the evening. This helps working parents tremendously.

In addition, we have seen many parents of Covid babies wanting to place their children in childcare setting to help them with socialising. Something the babies missed out on during lockdown.

Benefits of a childcare setting?

Let’s take a look at socialising. Children in childcare settings learn how to socialise with other children and adults. A life skill that will stay with your children.

Preparation for school nursery. Every Ofsted registered childcare setting follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework set out by the Government. This framework ensures each child has access to a high standard of learning, development and care.

By following this framework, your children will take part in child-let activities that are purposely planned to teach skills in mathematics; literacy; understanding the world; expressive arts & design; communication & language; physical development; and personal, social & emotional development.

  • Children can make friends for life in their childcare settings. Many a time, children tend to move to the same school if they are local. Not only will the children be lifelong friends, but it will also make the transition to school easier if they are moving with a friend.

  • Setting up good routines. Children who attend childcare will find themselves in a steady routine throughout the day. From getting up in the morning and getting ready; to the routine in how to wash their hands, sit down and eat their lunch. Having a routine in place will help your children to build their confidence and independence.

  • Good habits are formed within childcare. As mentioned above, washing hands before having lunch is not only a good routine, but also a good habit too. Putting a coat on before going outside is a good habit, and promotes independence. Such small actions will build strong habits in your children.

  • A life-long love of learning (lots of l’s there!). When your children are in a childcare setting, they will unexpectedly be constantly learning. Unknowingly to the children, all the fun activities and play have been methodically planned in order to teach them new skills.

Learning in such a fun way, your children will enjoy the learning process. A trait we hope will continue to develop as they move up the education system.

What do we offer that’s different? What sets us out from others?

At Lucky Beans Childcare, we pride ourselves in being a home away from home environment.

When our director first set up the childminding business, she was very conscious and clear about how the settings should feel. Welcoming, and comforting.

This has spilled over to the now 8 childcare settings within Lucky Beans - each one offering that home away from home feeling. With this, we have purposefully decided to keep our numbers quite low in order to ensure we can focus on each child and their development.

Our locations across Norbury, Tooting, Balham and Streatham mean the children can spend a lot of their time outdoors. A wonderful way to learn about the wonders the world has to offer.

A forest school ethos can be felt around each of our nurseries. Not only are we close to the park, we also have our very own secret garden! Nestled neatly within woodlands, your children can explore the natural surroundings, enriching their sensory and emotional wellbeing.

Our Open Days offer the perfect opportunity to pop along to say hi, let your children explore and play while you take a look around.

There will be a special offer for any new parents that want to register with us, as well as free refreshments - perfect reasons to come along.


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