What to Look for When Choosing a Childminder or Nursery

Updated: May 9

Here's how to find childcare near you

When it comes to childcare near you, the numerous options available can seem overwhelming.

Two popular choices for childcare are childminding and nurseries.

So let's get started on how you can find the right type of childcare for you and your child.

The difference between a nursery and childminding

Before getting into more detail, let’s break down the difference between the two terms.

Childminders are “Ofsted registered professional day carers who look after children in their own homes.” The added benefit of childminding is that the service offered is unique to the needs of your family.

Nurseries care for children aged from three to five years. They provide preparation for your child before they begin “big school” or primary school.

While all nurseries vary slightly in curriculum, Lucky Beans Childminder care offers academic and social preparation for your child before they enter school. This gives them a wonderful and helpful head-start because going from home to primary school can be quite an overwhelming adjustment for many children.

What is the cost of a nursery vs. childminding?

In the UK, a registered childminder costs on average £164 a week in London for 25 hours and a child under 2. Day nursery costs £180 a week for, again, 25 hours for a child age 2-5. These prices are significantly better than a part-time nanny which ranges from £250-£400 per week including tax and NI contributions (Family and Childcare Trust, 2021).

As a boutique nursery and childminder Lucky Beans provides an excellent care to child ratio so there is always plenty of hands on care for your little one. At Lucky Beans, childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare are welcome.

How to find the right childminder